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Sean Quiney


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Our Managing Director, Sean, founded the Speak-IT Solutions company back in 1990 and has since been awarded a number of accolades for his service within the Voice Technology Industry.

Dave Complin

Sales & Marketing Manager

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Having accomplished a diploma in Music Technology, Dave was keen to utilise his skillset in a developing market. With an interest in audio and technology, Dave plays a key role in the development of Speak-IT.

Lee Ryan

Operations Manager

More about Lee Ryan

Lee began his career as a technician in the age of analogue dictation. His skillset has allowed him to adapt to a digital environment and his wealth of experience is unrivalled within the industry.

John Uppal

Logistics Manager

More about John Uppal

John joined the team in 2005 and has been responsible for the logistics and distribution of the large volumes that we supply both nationally & worldwide. John has also acquired a great knowledge of our products.

Elliot Rouse

Digital Marketing Executive

More about Elliot

Elliot is the most recent member of our team. Having travelled the world as a musician, he displays confidence and strong communication skills, as well as a flair for creativity.


The Voice Technicians are the team that work behind the scenes at Speak-IT and the web shop Dictaphones.co.uk. We are a dedicated team of Professionals who work together to provide the very latest and most comprehensive information regarding Voice Technology. We cover all aspects of the Voice Technology Industry, from Digital and Analogue Dictation, through to Speech Recognition and the most recent developments in Secure Cloud based Dictation.

Our team provide consultative services for the very latest in Voice Technology and with over 25 years of experience we are confident in supplying the solution to meet your specific requirements. Speak-IT are a member of the CDS Solutions Group and have been awarded many accolades for our Services to the industry. Since establishing ourselves in 1990, we have become one of the leading suppliers of digital dictation and speech products.



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