On-site Training & Installation

Working with real people on real projects is what keeps us in touch with our customer base and their requirements…

As leaders in the Voice Technology industry, we have a deep understanding of how different products and services can be utilised to boost productivity. However, without a true understanding of how an organisation runs from within, it is impossible to tailor a solution that fully meets the requirements of its users. In the same sense, without the users having a full understanding of how the technology works, it is impossible for them to utilise the solution to its full potential and boost their own productivity.

For example, last week we made a site visit to Arcos – a UK national charity, working to improve life for children and adults who have communication, eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. Situated in the beautiful hills of Malvern, Arcos have a Resource, Training and Therapy Centre and operate a nationwide outreach service.

Arcos had approached us with a request for Speech Recognition training on a currently installed version of Dragon Software from Nuance. On checking the install remotely from our Midlands based Voice Tech centre, we decided that it would be a good idea to upgrade them to the latest version of Dragon and also introduced them to Dragon Group – enabling the use of Roaming Profiles. Previously Arcos had used Dragon individual from each PC. This meant that when they moved around the office, from PC to PC, that they were updating a separate Dragon Profile, thus never having a positive effect on a personalised profile of their own. The introduction of Dragon Professional Group V15 would allow Arcos users to roam freely between PC’s in the office and update their voice profiles to a centrally based directory on the network, thus improving accuracy and performance for each individual user – wherever they dictate.

As well as upgrading to the latest version of Dragon Group, we also amended the Dictation and Transcription Software so that it would work in-line with the Speech Recognition Software. We updated to the latest version of Olympus ODMS and then integrated the typists’ software to Dragon. Now the typist could receive audio files from the Authors and convert them to text using Speech Recognition. Not only that, they could convert multiple Authors files from their PC’s which then automatically updated the Authors voice profile for the centrally held profile on the network.

So, with a new system installed and set up, Arcos could benefit from multiple Authors dictating either directly into any PC in the office or into a dictation machine (in this case the Olympus DS-7000) which could be downloaded from any PC to the typists desk. The typist could then convert to text and make amendments where necessary. Those amendments would then automatically update the Authors voice profile (from any PC) and improve the accuracy and performance of the Speech Recognition for each individual user.

Having spent time on-site and discussing the demands of each user to determine the overall requirements that were needed by the organisation; this was the solution that we put in place:

Requirement: To be able to dictate either ‘on the move’ or at the desk and either convert to text (from any PC) as an Author, or send to a typist to be converted, amended and sent back. In addition, to achieve accurate Speech Recognition which can be accessed from multiple PC’s and is updated frequently to improve accuracy and learn new vocabulary.

Solution: Upgrade to latest Dragon Professional Group 15 with an installation of centrally based directory for use in updating Individual Voice Profiles from multiple PC’s (Dragon Roaming Profiles). Install a centrally based directory for the audio (dictation) files to be passed from Author to typist.

Integrate typists Olympus ODMS Software to Dragon Group so that Authors files can be converted and updated to the Voice Profile on the network.

Training & Install from Speak-IT…

Of course, the technology being new to Arcos, would also require some user training which was provided by one of our Voice Technicians on-site. Training for the typists gave the users an overall understanding of how the ODMS Software could be utilised to convert audio to a finished document, including updating the Roaming Dragon Profile. Foot control and playback settings were also adjusted to suit the users’ preference.

Author training consisted of a basic command overview for Dragon Speech Recognition. This gave the user a brief overview of commands that can be utilised in order to create

emails and documents without use of keyboard. Simple amendment commands were also given in order to correct and spell words on the fly – thus keeping the Dragon profile adapting to the users voice. A Microphone input test was performed, allowing the software the best opportunity to adapt to the users environment. Finally, a vocabulary update was made, using the internal tools in Dragon to scan both documents and emails on the users’ PC and add vocabulary commonly spoken by the user.


“Visitors to the ARCOS Centre this week have included Dave Complin from Speak IT. Thanks go to Dave for upgrading our Dragon Dictate software!”

Pictured: Dave Complin with ARCOS Occupational Therapist Margaret Walker.


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