The New and Improved Philips Voice Recorder app

Philips Voice Recorder App for iOS and Android, SpeechLive,

Philips Voice Recorder app update (iOS 4.1/Android 3.1)

Philips have released a new version of the Professional Voice Recorder app for iOS and Android. the update provides brand new features, allowing users to enjoy limitless mobility with in-app support for the SpeechExec Enterprise (SEE) mobile service and the same in-app functionality across all platforms.

With the upcoming May 18 GDPR, extra emphasis is on organisations’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and to ensure that they will continue to comply with the new regulations in order to avoid hefty penalties. This has also led to the implementation of dedicated dictation devices, like the WiFi enabled Philips SpeechAir, to protect sensitive data and to prevent any breaches that may be associated with employees using personal devices for work purposes.

The Philips SpeechAir offers full security of data with 256-bit AES encryption, as well as allowing users to work more flexibly than ever before.

Real-time encryption on the go

With the previously inclusion of password/PIN protection and 256-bit AES real-time encryption, the PRV app now has updated Purge functions, allowing users to delete dictations once completed, or set a timeframe in which they will be deleted automatically. Dr. Brauner explains: We know exactly how important security is to our customers working with sensitive data, such as patient records or legal cases. This is why our software adheres to the highest of security standards and we now even offer support for your private cloud environment”. 




Cross Device Functionality

The update means that PVR app users can enjoy more features across all platforms with the introduction of more shared functions, whether the app is being run on an iOS, Android or SpeechAir Device. Combined with the updated support for Phillips SpeechExec Enterprise (SEE) mobile service, users can now record directly onto any device running the PRV app and send their dictations to their SEE software.

With seamless integration of the Philips SpeechLive service, users can now employ a variety of sending options; to a transcription or voice recognition service, email address, dedicated folder etc. and receive the transcribed text document directly to the PVR app. The SEE mobile service also provides status updates on the progress of the transcription process with the PRV update. Furthermore, the update provides the option to send completed dictations automatically and to customise the action bar with additional professional recording/editing tools to suit individual needs, making your workflow even more flexible, efficient and secure.




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