How WiFi Enabled Diction Can Tip the Scales on Your Case

Dictation for Solicitors Law WiFi

“A Lawyers time and advice are his stock in trade”  Abraham Lincoln

When your success relies heavily on recording legal briefs, taking notes on multiple cases and collecting and clarifying any loose thoughts that occur anytime in between, it is not difficult to see why the use of dictation devices have been heavily implemented within the Law industry to help resolve many of the issues that come with a fast paced and dynamic sector.

Now with the digital revolution in full swing, we understand that it is of paramount importance that you receive the information you need quicker than ever before so you can devote more time to your cases. You need to save time where you can, and what once was an integral part of your dictation workflow could now be costing you valuable time which you could be using to focus more energy on your clients and allowing yourself to gain that winning edge.

Without the need to manually transcribe tape recordings or physically connect your device to a transcription kit or computer with pre-installed software, WiFi enabled dictation devices such as the Olympus DS-9500 and the Philips SpeechAir are providing the cutting edge, fast-paced and revolutionary solutions you need.

The Philips SpeechAir and Olympus DS-9500 create an entirely efficient dictation workflow where you can record on-the-go and send your dictations instantaneously to the cloud-based Philips SpeechLive service (SpeechAir) or to the Olympus ODMS R7 (DS-9500) Software for transcription, without any need to ever physically connect the device to a personal computer or transcription kit, so you can concentrate on the case in hand. With the recent Philips Voice Recorder app update, you can now track the status of any files sent for transcription and even receive the completed text file on your device. Equip any of your dictation management systems with Nuance Dragon Voice Recognition Software and your typist needs only to proofread the transcribed text and return it to you; all of which means that the task in hand can now be your sole focus.

The Olympus DS-9500 with the ODMS R7 software and the Philips SpeechAir and accompanying SpeechLive Cloud Service are fully secured with 256-bit AES encryption, meaning that your workflow is not only more efficient, but more secure than ever before for any concerns regarding GDPR compliance.

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