Speech Recognition Software Revolutionising Electronic Documentation Within the Healthcare Sector

Speech Recognition Nuance Dragon, Dragon Medical for Healthcare Documentation and Electronic Patient Records

No matter how large or small your business or how many people make use of your services, the implementation of Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) into your dictation system brings great advantages with regards to documentation and time-management for organisations across the board. The age of manually processing data within the Healthcare sector is drawing to a close as modern dictation services are now widely available and more reliable than ever.

More and more strain is seemingly put upon our Healthcare services, who have already thinly stretched resources and an ever growing influx of patients to process. The benefits that Speech Recognition Software can bring towards documentation workflow are hard to ignore, especially as one of key goals stated in the NHS’ “5 Year Forward View” is to eventually have a “paper free” Health Service by using entirely digitised patient records.

With greater accuracy than ever, tailored Speech Recognition packages like Nuance Dragon Medical are being used effectively within many organisations to replace outdated systems of manual documentation and dictation/transcription workflow protocols. The fact that generally speaking people talk around three times faster they are be able to type is just one example of how using the power of speech to create, update and amend patient records demonstrates an obvious advantage of SRT.

The substantial flexibility that comes with utilising Speech Recognition Technology means that users can easily and safely document important data on any device they are comfortable with such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital dictation devices. Using a WiFi enabled device combined with SRT brings the innovative advantage of providing greater freedom of mobility while creating documents and records.

Dragon Medical solutions can also work alongside the NHS’ phased transition to implementing SNOMED CT (Systemised Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms) to revolutionise clinical coding and the Electronic Patient Records (EPR). While SNOMED provides a common language consisting of over 300,000 medical terms which can be recognised across practises and countries, Dragon Medical solutions provide the intuitive interface with accuracy levels of 99%+, to enable medical professionals to create rich and detailed records.

Not only does Speech Recognition Technology improve the efficiency and ease of document creation, it is also a more secure and potentially more accurate solution. Software packages like Nuance’s Dragon Medical Practise can be updated and upgraded to allow for the constantly evolving and fluid field of medicine, and the avenues for constant discovery within the entire industry.

Speak-IT are proud to be named Nuance Approved Partners. Contact us for any further information on Nuance’s Speech Recognition packages and on how we can assist you in getting started with your own speech-to-text solution.


  • The technology of SRT has a very crucial role to play in any organisation especially when it comes to documenting and managing data.Several products are developed to address this urge to create and maintain these data in a time efficient manner. I recently have come across one such product related to healthcare! Cascade.md


  • accepted one, speech recognition impacts the healthcare sector immensely by automating their works which leads to better healthcare and improves their productivity for sure.


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