Speech Recognition Speaks Volumes for Eductation

SRT in Education

Students and Teachers alike can find success with the help of state of the art Speech Recognition Technology from Nuance…

If you, as a teacher or a student, feel that you are spending too long typing out your essays, preparing your lesson plans or even find that you want a more efficient way of taking down minutes of your meetings, it might be time to explore the possibility of implementing a Speech Recognition solution into your working/learning environment. With the application of Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) within industries across the board, it is easy to appreciate the advantages SRT can now bring to the educational sector.


“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world…”

 Nelson Mandella


Between delivering lessons, marking work, providing feedback and preparing lesson materials, it might seem that time needs to be saved somewhere to fit this all into the working day. User friendly Speech Recognition software such as Nuance Dragon enables teachers to dictate their work directly into their chosen device, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC, and have their speech transcribed into text instantly. with speech being approximately 3 times faster than the average person can type, it is clear to see how SRT could prove an excellent time saving solution.

Not only will Speech Recognition Technology save time in producing your documents but also provide a significant degree of flexibility within the physical actions needed to carry out document creation; leaving your hands free for other tasks. All being said, software packages like Nuance Dragon seek to allow you more time to carry on with the teaching of your students by reducing the hours you spend at the computer keyboard.


Learning with SRT for Students of all Abilities

The key aspects of flexibility and accessibility that Speech Recognition provides applies also to students who might have physical or cognitive impairments that make activities such as writing and typing a difficult or even impossible endeavour. Where a school may have to assign an assistant member of staff to students with difficulties in order to take down lesson notes or even to write down exam answers, Speech Recognition Technology provides a solution where this may not always have to be the case.

Students are able to use software packages like Nuance Dragon to compose text documents, send emails and conduct web searches using only the power of speech. This helps towards further levelling the playing field, breaking down many of the learning barriers that stand in the way for some students finding success and enjoyment in education. Not only will this mean the liberation of staff resources, but the emotional impact the student will feel from a renewed sense of freedom and independence in their own learning will speak volumes.


Dragon Key Points


Speak IT are proud Nuance Approved Partners. Get in contact with a trained voice technician to learn more about how our Speech Recognition software packages can benefit you.

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