Why Do I Need to Start Dictating Today?

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As is often the case with brilliant ideas, the intricate details and flow of inspiration may not be near as potent after the initial moment of inception. Somehow, once you have put pen to paper after that long commute something almost always gets lost in translation. If only we had a dictation device on our person, we could then quickly and easily talk through our ideas and thoughts as naturally as we speak and not have to worry about anything other than paying full attention to the subject in hand…

If we are on the move and something suddenly comes to mind, like a brilliant idea, or we simply remember an item left out of today’s to-do list, we would usually have to make a mental note and remember to jot this down as soon as we get back into the office (or risk losing it forever, as we might sometimes fear). This is no longer the case when we introduce a mobile dictation solution into our lives and instantly allow ourselves to enjoy the freedom of inspiration and creativity whenever the ideas come to us.

Simply record the memo, make the voice note or record the conversation and we have something instantly useful to refer back to when needed, without having to ever take the unnecessary extra time to put pen to paper.

We can even combine our dictation & transcription solutions with Speech Recognition packages and have our recordings automatically transcribed to text. We can even use the Speech Recognition software to create complete documents, conduct web searches and compose emails – which further demonstrates the brilliant flexibility and great time-saving advantages that come along with using mobile dictation as an integral part of your documentation workflow.

So, let’s talk about it; not only do we have to usually be stationary at the desk, but a lot of time is used up just by the physical act of writing down notes, making memos and creating documents. Down to the fact alone that research shows we can speak around 3 times faster than we can type gives us an obvious reason of why we should consider implementing some kind of dictation solution into our busy lives.

Speak-IT Solutions are experts in voice technology and can give you the best advice on what equipment and software will suit your individual and business needs; from a simple voice recorder up to a fully mobile, encrypted dictation & transcription workflow solution. Contact us to find out more about our products and services and start using your voice to its full potential…





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