The Perfect Companion for the Complete Speech Recognition Package

Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset, Headset for Dragon Speech Recognition Technology

Want to get away from the desk and enjoy more freedom of mobility and greater than ever accuracy with your Speech Recognition Software? The Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset offers all of this and more; with up to 10 hours of talk time and a 10m range, you can stay mobile and control your device, compose emails, conduct web searches and create documents all with the power of your voice. When used as a companion to Dragon Speech Recognition Technology, the Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset offers you endless possibilities for maximised efficiency and mobile creativity.

Speech Recognition Software has limitless potential, with a wide range of applications in healthcare, education, law, research and more. We are able to speak around 3x faster than typing, and Nuance’s Dragon Software can capture every voice command with up to 99% accuracy, allowing users to maximise efficiency and have even more control over their systems and workflow. Combine your Speech Recognition Package with The Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset and stay mobile with Speech Recognition.





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Speak IT are proud Nuance Approved Partners. Get in contact with a trained voice technician to learn more about how our Speech Recognition software packages can benefit you.



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