Time-Saving Speech Recognition Solutions for the NHS

Dragon Medical Solutions for the NHS, Olympus RecMic, Nuance Dragon Certified Dictation Device

Healthcare services nationwide are seemingly caught in the midst of a struggle between budget constraints and an ever-growing demand for healthcare from the general population. More and more pressure is placed upon medical staff to cope with the high demand for services, so the need for a time-saving solution is clear to observe.

A report from Nuance suggests that Emergency Departments who have already implemented Speech Recognition Software for use in the creation of Electronic Patient Records (EPR) have already reported significant time savings thanks to the cutting edge speech-to-text solution.

The results from 44 clinicians working within emergency healthcare departments revealed that it was 40% quicker to use Speech Recognition than to manually type or handwrite clinical documentation. 9 out of 10 healthcare professionals said the use of Speech Recognition Technology saved time, improved the accuracy and quality of notes and improved overall communication.

The report also suggests that the time saved per patient was approximately three and a half minutes, which is almost equivalent to having two additional members of staff on hand. Dr Andrew Adair, ED consultant and CCIO at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said:

Speech recognition has transformed our ED, releasing our Doctors and Nurses from the shackles of clinical documentation and enabling them to spend more time treating patients.

£ minutes saved test

Speech Recognition packages like Dragon Medical allow users to dictate notes, create documents, compose emails and conduct web searches via voice commands, directly into their device or personal computer. Being able to control your device using the power of speech means that Dragon is not only a more efficient, time-saving solution for busy professionals but also provides unprecedented accessibility advantages for users of all abilities.

Dragon Certified Dictation Devices

Dragon works seamlessly with a range of dictation devices; the Olympus RecMic range and the Philips SpeechMikes have been awarded 6 stars for Dragon Dictation Accuracy by Nuance. The Olympus RecMic II and Philips SpeechMike devices offer an intuitive interface and intelligent controls to make creating records and documenting your speech with Dragon even easier. Talk to one of our specialists to enquire about combining your Dragon Speech Recognition software with an evolutionary dictation device.


Speak-IT Solutions are Nuance Approved Partners in Speech Recognition. Our Voice Technicians are available now to provide demonstrations and advice on a wide range of speech-to-text solutions. Get in touch with us here 

Alternatively, call us on 0121 456 7800


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