SpeechExec Enterprise for Sophisticated Workflow Management

Philips Update for SpeechExec

Introducing the latest in speech-to-text software from Philips, SpeechExec Enterprise. The new software allows busy professionals in the healthcare, legal and business sectors to streamline their document creation process and significantly reduce their workload.

Smarter Communication and Convenient Central Administration

Linking authors and transcriptionists, the new SpeechExec Enterprise software is ideal for turning their voice into text quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions explains: “Philips SpeechExec Enterprise is perfect for larger organisations with multiple authors and transcriptionists, as it can be easily centrally administrated and maintained”. All workflow settings can be centrally administrated and configured, making the installation process easier and more convenient for both users and IT administrators.

Full Mobility for Increased Productivity

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise offers full freedom of mobility, meaning that recordings can be created anywhere and sent for transcription immediately. If the user is out of the office, they can use their mobile dictation device or download the Philips Voice Recorder App to their smartphone and send their recordings to any assigned transcriptionists.

On-the-go Speech Recognition

SpeechExec Enterprise works seamlessly with Philips SpeechLive Cloud Service, allowing users to receive their completed transcriptions directly to their smartphone or Philips SpeechAir Voice Recorder. Dictations can now be accessed through a web browser, which is particularly useful when users won’t have access to their standard computer, for example when on a business trip.

Secure File Transfer

Real-time 256-bit AES encryption, password protection and secure file transfer means access to documents is only granted to authorised users, now especially important with the upcoming GDPR. The optional automatic backup function protects data agains accidental loss. Dr Brauner explains: “We know exactly how important security is to our customers working with sensitive data, such as patient records or legal cases. This is why our software adheres to the highest of security standards and we now even offer support for your private cloud environment”. 




Speak-IT Solutions are Philips Certified Partners. Get in touch with a SpeechLive Specialist to find out how the revolutionary cloud service from Philips can transform your dictation workflow…






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