Our Top Picks: Professional Mobile Dictation Apps for iOS and Android

Philips Voice Recorder App, Top Dictation Apps for iOS and Android, Philips SpeechLive

Let’s face it – there is an app for pretty much everything these days. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device there’s a wide range of speech-to-text apps out there; we are going to talk to you about what we recommend as the two best professional mobile dictation apps currently on the market and in the App Store…

Philips Voice Recorder App

The Philips voice recorder app offers first-class recording quality and professional functions such as inserting or cutting sequences and a user-friendly interface for intuitive operation. Recordings can be easily sent via email, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.

Key Features

  • Easy recording and file playback
  • Edit recordings directly in the app
  • Flexible and convenient sending options (email, Dropbox, GoogleDrive etc.)
  • The App-Widget feature means you can start recordings directly from your home screen – perfect for spontaneous recording
  • Car Mode provides safety and convenience when making recordings while driving

The Philips Voice Recorder App, as a standalone software product, offers a convenient and accessible solution to some of the key features of mobile dictation. However, when combined with the Philips SpeechLive Cloud Service you can start to really unleash the full potential of the Philips Voice Recorder App.

PVR App + Philips SpeechLive Cloud Service

  • Access to Speech Recognition Technology
  • Transcription Service
  • Integration of your Personal Assistant
  • Browser-based file management and workflow
  • Individual user management
  • End-to-end security over data – both the Philps Voice Recorder App and Philips SpeechLive offer secure recording & sending of dictations; the recent update of SpeechLive 9 has included comprehensive security features in accordance with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Learn more about Philips SpeechLive Version 9 and GDPR Compliancy here…

The Philips voice recorder is one of our favourites for any professional looking for a secure, convenient and intuitive solution to their speech to text workflow. Speak-IT Solutions are Philips Certified Partners, get in touch with one of our specialists to learn more about our mobile dictation solutions from Philips.

Visit our site at www.dictaphones.co.uk to find out more about the innovative mobile dictation solutions available from Philips.

Get a free 30-Day trial of Philips SpeechLive – call for details on 0121 456 7801


Olympus Dictation App

Dictate, annotate and send. The Olympus Dictation App for iPhone is a beautifully simple recording app for making dictations on the go.

Key Features

  • Record, insert & overwrite voice recordings
  • Attach pictures to your recording
  • Priority sending
  • Simple search function
  • Send dictations via email

Much like the Philips Voice Recorder App, the Olympus Dictation App offers the ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) for professionals who require more from their dictation workflow. ODDS is a cloud-based subscription package offering advanced workflow and routing functions for your dictations.

Olympus Dictation App + ODDS Service 

  • Support of audio formats DSS & DSS Pro (Industry standard for speech processing)
  • Password-protected dictations supported by DSS Pro (256-bit AES Encryption)
  • Secure data transfer via FTP/HTTPS/SFTP
  • Optional connection to a self hosted FTP server
  • Audio-split of large files
  • Central administration via Olympus Dictation Portal (via web browser)
  • Assigning dedicated work type lists to users (groups)
  • Defining recipients for users
  • Defining transfer methods and recording formats
  • Setting security features
  • Using meta information like Author-IDs for automatic processing

Speak-IT Solutions are Certified Olympus Partners. Get in touch with a Voice Technology Specialist to find the perfect solution for you, and how to get the most out of an advanced dictation & transcription workflow.

Visit our online store at www.dictaphones.co.uk to learn more about our dictation workflow solutions from Olympus. Alternatively, you can call us on 0121 456 7800. 




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