Philips Voice Recorder Update: iOS 4.2/Android 3.2

Philips Voice Recorder App Update PVR App iOS 4.2, Android 3.2, Philips Voice Recorder App for iPhone Android and Philips SpeechAir

Philips have just released a new update for the Voice Recorder App, available on iOS, Android and the Philips SpeechAir Mobile Dictation Device. The changes made are to further comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) guidelines, and to support 3rd party mobile device management software.

Dictation Hub Signup Process

  1. Once you start the configuration process for Dictation Hub you will presented with a welcome screen.
  2. The PVR App will ask you if you are a EU citizen.
  3. The new laws are applicable to European residents. If you don’t accept the new agreements you won’t be able to use Dictation Hub on your smartphone or SpeechAir Device.
  4. The PVR App will ask you explicitly if you are ok receiving emails from Philips about new product releases and promotions.

Updated Security Features

If you wish to use the Philips SpeechLive cloud service within the Philips Voice Recorder App, you will have to login to the service. You are able to do this in the settings menu of the Voice Recorder App.

If the wrong password is entered multiple times your SpeechLive account will become locked – in this case the PVR App will inform you that SpeechLive has sent you an email with further instructions.

Configure your Mobile Server with AppConfig

AppConfig is a community that provides developers with a standard approach to app configurement and management. IT administrators can easily configure and manage apps from any participating EMM platform (Enterprise Mobility Management, sometimes referred to as mobile device management software). Some of the supported EMM platforms are:

  • VMware AirWatch
  • Citrix
  • IMB MaaS360
  • SAP
  • Baramudi Software
  • AppTex
  • SOTI
  • ManageEngine

With the new version of the PVR App for iOS you can use your existing device management software to configure the following Mobile Server settings remotely:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Location of the Mobile Server

Note: you can configure up to 5 Mobile Servers.

The Philips Voice Recorder (PVR) App will be available from May 25th onwards from the App Store, Google Play Store and the Philips Website.


Speak-IT Solutions are Philips Certified Partners. Get in touch with one of our specialists for more information on innovative Mobile Dictation solutions from Philips.


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