Get 6/12 Months for Free When You Sign Up for Philips SpeechLive with Speak-IT Solutions

Philips SpeechLive 6 months free when you sign up today, 30-Day free trial, Speak-IT Solutions

As certified Philips Partners, when our customers sign up for SpeechLive now they get 6 months for free when they sign up for 12 months, or 12 months for free when they sign up for 24 months.

SpeechLive allows you to create documents directly from your mobile phone or mobile dictation device, such as the Philips SpeechAir. Dictate letters, notes, emails and documents on your device using the Philips Voice Recorder App (for iOS and Android) and send your voice files to the SpeechLive cloud.

The SpeechLive Cloud Service from Philips allows you to choose from a variety of transcription options to suit your workflow; send your dictations to your assistant, the SpeechLive Transcription Service or the SpeechLive Speech Recognition Service and receive your completed document in no time, boosting your productivity and leaving you free to concentrate on other tasks.


When you select Speech Recognition as the transcription option you can receive your document back in minutes. Your completed documents can then be viewed directly on your device when using the Philips SpeechAir or a smartphone equipped with the Philips Voice Recorder App.




Speal-IT Solutions, Philips Certified Partners 2018



At Speak-IT Solutions we are Philips Certified Partners and offer the best, unbiased advice and support in the Voice Technology industry. To learn more about Philips SpeechLive and how it can revolutionise your dictation/transcription workflow, call us now on 0121 456 7800.






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