A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Having read an interesting article from a fellow Voice Technology Specialist, one who is active in both social media and also making positive steps forward in our ever developing market, I was drawn to an opinion on what makes a company a leading supplier and what it means to carry that statement.

A leading supplier is something we have often claimed for ourselves. Looking back to 2002, Speak-IT were the first to achieve in excess of £1 Million in a single financial year for Olympus Professional Dictation. As a supplier, this achievement alone qualifies for ‘leading’ qualities (you’re going to read that word a lot) and was to be the foundation for existing partnerships with both Philips (Speech Processing Solutions) and Nuance.

However, on reflection would this statement of ‘leading supplier’ appear to be misleading?

I mean yes, we hold a large share of the market and clearly our reputation proceeds us with regards to customer service and product knowledge. BUT, (and here comes the plot thickener) the statement ‘leading supplier’ fails to reflect on the wide range of attributes that our company has obtained over 28 years of business. More importantly, it does not enlighten prospects and clients to our passion for the products & solutions that we provide.

Since the dawn of Speak-IT back in 1990, our company has been passionate in Voice Technology. During the early stages of internet shopping and the .com era, we were quick to put a foot in the door and introduce our former website Speakit.info, which at the time was a leading E-commerce platform; providing customers with a full range of products and information at the click of a mouse.

In recent years, we have released our new E-commerce site Dictaphones.co.uk which has been the flagship for our increasing online interaction with customers. Even more recently, with the addition of our marketing team member Elliot, we have developed an interactive blog which provides our customer base with updates on software, firmware and a wide variety of tips and tricks that we want our customers to have access to!

So, we are not solely a supplier and you only have to speak to any of our customers to know that we take pride in offering valuable information and advice on how best to approach voice technology based on specific requirements and end goals. We have a friendly team of staff who enjoy nothing more than to help others to achieve the very best out of the products that we endorse.

In that sense, perhaps a better turn of phrase would be to claim that we are ‘Leaders in Voice Technology’, a group of individuals who collectively display a passion for boosting productivity through the use of voice technology. A business that strives to lead the way for advancements in technology, working closely alongside key manufacturers and developers with the aim to constantly improve user experience and return of investment on a wide range of voice technology products.

On reflection, I decided to look further into the numerous connotations of this phrase that is to be leading, one of which was the following…

Lead – Be a reason or motive for (someone) *Oxford Dictionary*

This brought me to the following conclusion:

Has the phrase “leading” become dated? A thing of the past for our business?

Perhaps in regards to the supply of goods, yes…

However, will we continue to use this phrase when we describe our business?

Yes! We shall always endeavour to be leaders in our market and we shall always strive to be a reason or motive for others. Whether that is a reason for businesses to adopt our products and services or a motive for other companies within our industry to follow us in our approach towards Voice Technology.

“The best company ever?” that is indeed subjective, but certainly a team with the passion, knowledge and drive to be the best company for you!

The UK’s leading Voice Technology Specialists! 😉

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