The Professional Dictation Checklist: 6 Points to Consider when Deciding on Your Solution

With a wide range of dictation and transcription equipment and software out there, it can be often prove difficult deciding on the right tool for the job. We are here to make sure that your solution is fit for purpose – so why not take a look at this short checklist we have put together to get you thinking about what you might need from your new solution…



1. Security – When using digital dictation in a professional environment it will often be the case that much of the recorded audio you are dealing with will contain confidential, sensitive or otherwise personal information. To prevent any data security issues and to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) it is essential that you consider a secure solution; many digital voice recorders and accompanying management software packages are now available with both PIN protection and the highest standard 256-bit AES (end-to-end) file encryption for just this reason.

2. Audio Quality – When compared to tape, digital voice recorders offer a far superior quality of sound recording. It is often important to consider how and what you will be recording – are you recording meetings, interviews and lectures? You will need a device with high microphone sensitivity modes so as to adapt to the acoustic space. If you are recording your own voice, do you work in a noisy/busy environment? If so you may want to consider a recorder that reduces or cancels out the amount of background noise in order to produce a clear recording. No matter the case, you will always want to make sure that you have a usable, audible and crisp recording by the time it is ready to be sent for transcription.

3. Storage Capacity – How much audio do you plan on capturing? How long will you store recorded audio on the device itself before transferring to a PC? Most digital recorders have a significant amount of storage space, often with the advantage of being able to use an additional SD card. However, if you implement a mobile solution to your dictation workflow, recordings can be sent at any time from anywhere, negating the need to ever store large amounts of audio on the device itself.

4. Mobility – How do you work? When do you make your memos and notes? If you have a job that entails a degree of travel and out-of-office assignments, you should consider opting for a mobile/WiFi enabled device. Do you use your smartphone to make voice memos? then perhaps you should consider a professional mobile cloud service to ensure security and efficient file transfer when sending your voice notes off for transcription. If you do use your smartphone, you might also eventually consider graduating to a dedicated mobile dictation device for enhanced security features, intuitive controls and superior audio quality.

5. Transcription Options – Who transcribes your recordings? Do you have a personal assistant? If so, it would prove worthwhile combining your device with a transcription kit and dictation management software to ensure a secure and efficient documentation workflow. Using Speech Recognition technology during the transcription process also drastically saves time and man-hours as you receive the completed text document almost instantly. With packages like Nuance Dragon able to transcribe speech with up to 99% accuracy, the document only needs to be proofread and amended where necessary before your assistant is able to process the completed text document and take on other important tasks.

6. Consult the experts – Who better to talk to than the Voice Technology Specialists at Speak-IT when considering a new speech-to-text solution? We offer the very best unbiased advice, training and support to make sure you have the optimal equipment for your workflow. Anything you are unsure of? Call on 0121 456 7800 for a free consultation and to book an online demonstration. Browsing out of office hours? Go to the Buyers Guide page here and look for the Speakit.Bot interactive Buyers Guide to help find exactly what you are looking for…





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