News: Philips SpeechExec v10.5 Update for Dragon Medical Practice Edition Users

Philips SpeechExec Pro v10.5 introduces some adaptations to better cope with the user profile licensing changes made in the latest update of the European edition of Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) v.4.


SpeechExec v10.5 Overview (for DMPE v4/4.1)

  • New custom local Dragon profile folder path option – added option to define a user-specific local Dragon profile folder path (must be used with DMPE v.4/4.1) which can be manually selected if there are multiple Dragon users on one machine.
  • Changed backup behaviour – All Dragon versions 14 or later include user profile backup functions; this has been disabled for earlier versions of Dragon to avoid any errors.
  • Dragon Roaming with DMPE v.4 – When switching from local to roaming profiles the DMPE user interface the file name will be shortened which means that the originally selected Dragon profile in SpeechExec will no longer be valid. The recommended solution: Use the built-in Dragon Roaming option in SpeechExec Pro v10.5.
  • Fuzzy-Logic for offline Speech Recognition – Handles the profile matching for DPM downloads, matching the “Author” properties of DPM dictations to the Dragon Medical Practice Edition v4/4.1 naming syntax.


Supported Upgrades

The Philips SpeechExec v10.5 update is available for users currently running the following versions:

  • SpeechExec 10.0
  • SpeechExec 10.1
  • SpeechExec 10.2


If you are running the above versions of SpeechExec – click here to download the SpeechExec v10.5 update



Need more information? We are Philips Certified Partners and here to answer any questions you have about our range of Digital Dictation Solutions. Get in contact with Speak-IT on 0121 456 7800


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