Philips SpeechMike Premium Firmware Update – 6 New Button modes

SpeechMike Firmware Update 2018, Speak-IT Solutions and Speakit.Blog bring you the latest news in Voice Technology, Nuance approved for Dragon Speech Recognition Accuracy

To enhance the user experience of the revolutionary Philips SpeechMike Premium, this firmware update provides up to 6 preconfigured button modes for use with Windows, Mac & browser-based operating systems.


New Firmware Versions

Providing new button modes to SpeechMike users – tailoring the user experience for diverse IT environments. The SpeechMike Premium Air will also benefit from improvements to the LED indicator. The firmware update will be available to the following firmware versions and above:

  • SpeechMike Premium LFH 3500/3600 series (FW 2.60)
  • SpeechMike Premium Touch SMP 3700/3800 Series (FW 3.50)
  • SpeechMike Premium Air SMP 4000 Series (FW 4.50)


3 New Custom Button Modes

With 3 new custom button modes, the Philips SpeechMikes can be used in any potential IT environment without the need for integration or driver installation. The new button modes allow users to control their dictation and speech recognition application with the SpeechMike by assigning hotkeys to the programmable SpeechMike Buttons according to individual user requirements.

  • No integration required
  • Flexible button programming of audio, application and text navigation commands
  • Compatible with most IT environments without driver installation



3 pre-programmed configurations enable plug-and-play functionality for the most common speech recognition applications out-of-the-box.

  • Custom 1 – Windows speech recognition mode
  • Custom 2 – Dragon Dictate speech recognition mode (for Mac)
  • Custom 3 – Dragon speech recognition mode (for Windows)


Easy Button Mode Switching

The SpeechMike Premium now includes 6 button modes that can be switched with an easy and intuitive two-step approach.


For more information on our range of Philips SpeechMikes and other Voice Technology solutions, get in contact with Speak-IT on 0121 456 7800. Alternatively, feel free to browse our online store at



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