4 Frequently Asked Questions: Speech Recognition

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Documentation and administrative duties often take up a large portion of your work-day and can draw focus away from the task at hand. If you feel that you are spending too much time typing out emails, reports, electronic records, or any other kind of documentation for that matter; using Speech Recognition as part of your every day work could prove to be your perfect solution.

As Dictation & Speech Recognition Specialists, we are asked a number of questions from our customers about Speech Recognition and the advantages it can have when used as part of your workflow. Here is a list of some FAQ’s we often receive regarding Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition software:


Q: What can Dragon do? 

A: In short, Nuance Dragon can enable you to use your voice to control almost any aspect of your computer operation; including (but not limited to) composing and sending emails, dictating directly into a word processing document, conducting web searches, updating electronic records (e.g. Dragon Medical Integrates with existing EPRs) and as part of your dictation/transcription workflow for automatic transcription of voice recordings. learn more here >>


Q: How accurate is Dragon?

A: Dragon is the worlds most powerful Speech Recognition package, so it isn’t surprising that you can transcribe speech to text with up to 99% accuracy when using the software. Furthermore, Dragon requires you to create a user profile that stores data on your voice and vocabulary, so it will continue to train itself on any adaptations you make – Dragon becomes more accurate the more you use it!


Q: Is Dragon difficult to install and configure?

A: Dragon is relatively simple to download and install. As long as you follow the on screen instructions and install Dragon correctly, operation should be intuitive and user friendly from the get-go. However, we receive a large number of requests from our customers looking to integrate Dragon as part of their dictation workflow for automatic transcription. This can often be more difficult when integrating Dragon into an existing dictation workflow package; if you do not feel confident configuring your software packages yourself we strongly recommended that you get in touch with one of our Speech Recognition Specialists. We can advise you on the correct methods for your requirements and we also provide a remote installation/configuration service, saving you the hassle while making sure that your software works properly and to its full potential.


Q: What other equipment do I need in order to use Dragon effectively?

A: Whilst you can use your PC’s built-in microphone, we strongly recommend the use of a high quality, professional microphone to take full advantage of Dragon’s capabilities. The fact of the matter is: Dragon will work more accurately if you are using a higher quality of audio input. There are a range of desktop microphones that are Dragon approved by Nuance for Speech Recognition accuracy, such as the Philips SpeechMike range or the Olympus RecMic II range. We also supply Dragon Bluetooth Headsets for users looking for a simple, hands free operation.


Speak-IT Solutions are proudly approved Nuance Partners. Look for the Nuance Partner logo when purchasing Speech Recognition products; you can rest assured that we are available to offer the very best, unbiased advice and support when it comes to your Voice Technology solution. Get in touch with a member of the team on 0121 456 7800 for more information. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@dictaphones.co.uk and visit our website Dictaphones.co.uk.




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