Update: Philips Hardware SDK Version 4.1

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The Philips Hardware SDK (Software Development Kit) version 4.1 will be available from August 2018. Please see below for more information on the new improvements:



  • In remote environments you are now able to access the content of a Philips DPM (Digital Pocket Memo) directly without requiring an internal driver.


SpeechMike SDK

  • Support for the new SpeechMike button modes. Note: HWSDK allows you to switch from one mode to another but not configure them.


SpeechAir SDK

  • Support for the SpeechAir PSP2000 series.
  • New version of Philips SpeechAir management software to support PSP2000 series.


SpeechControl for Windows version 4.1

This release will also support Philips hardware and Nuance Software for the SpeechAir PSP2000 series, as well as Nuance Dragon Medical Practise Edition 4.1.

In addition, the following SpeechMike button modes will be supported:

  • Custom 1: Windows Speech Recognition Mode
  • Custom 2: Dragon Dictate Speech Recognition Mode (for Mac)
  • Custom 3: Dragon Speech Recognition Mode (for Windows)


Philips Speech Extension Drivers Generation 12.6

Extended DPM SDK interface for file download

  • Provide dictation file header meta data over the DPM file operations interface
  • Copy to device operation

Support for:

  • SpeechAir PSP2000 series
  • The new SpeechMike button modes
  • Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.18
  • VMWare Horizon 7.5.0

Linux driver support for:

  • Stratodesk (no touch)
  • IGEL (Universal Desktop v5/Linux 10 OS)
  • eLux RP5
  • HP Thin Pro


Speak-IT Solutions are Philips Certified Partners. Get in touch on 0121 456 7800 to learn more about our range of Philips Dictation products, or visit us at Dictaphones.co.uk.



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