Your Silent Sentry: The Marantz PMD-901v, A Wearable Audio/Video Recorder with GPS Tagging

Silent Sentry Featured Image Marantz PMD-901V, Wearable Audio/Video Recorder with GPS Tracking for security and personal liability protection

Introducing the Marantz PMD-901v – Purpose built to record astonishingly high quality audio and video anywhere, anytime. Quickly and unobtrusively capture any important events with GPS Tagging enabled with confidence in the PMD-901v’s comprehensive password protection and tamper-proof security features.

With a robust, compact casing this device is ideal for users looking to discreetly document any action in cases where personal and public liability can be called into question; the added GPS tagging feature provides additional, powerful supporting evidence in cases where law enforcement professionals or users involved in volatile situations can provide proof of place along with high definition footage with audio.

Robust and wearable – operation is simple and effective even when wearing heavy outerwear and gloves. The Marantz PMD-901v works even in temperatures of up to -60 degrees C making it the ideal choice for adventure sports enthusiasts and professions entailing exploration and exposure to harsh, wild environments.

Key Features

  • Ultra-Sharp 2304 x 1296p HD Video Capture at 30 Frame Per Second
  • 140° Field Of View Captures Wide-Angle Video and Pictures
  • Level IP-67 Waterproof Construction Is Submersible For Up To 30 Minutes at 1m (3ft)
  • 32GB Password Protected Internal Storage
  • Capture Up To 10 Hours Of Full HD Video
  • Night Vision Mode Captures Facial Detail Up To 10m (33ft) Away In Darkness
  • 2” Backlit High Resolution Colour Display; HDMI 1.3 Output
  • Quick-Start Recording Mode Immediately Begins Recording When Turned On
  • Useable In Temperatures Between -40°C – 60°C
  • Intuitive, One Handed Operation – Even When Wearing Gloves
  • Customizable Notifications Provide Concise Feedback (Audible, Visual and Vibration)
  • 30 Second Pre and Post-Record Buffer Ensures Critical Moments Are Captured
  • Auio-Only Record Mode for Situations When Video Is Not Possible
  • High-Quality Built-In Microphone Provides Highly Intelligible Voice and Environmental Audio Capture





”More than ever, professionals who interact with the public need to document their whereabouts and activities for analytical, liability and professional development purposes. The PMD-901V, with its all-day battery and secure, internal storage acts as a silent sentry, protecting the interests of the public and those who serve them, discretely and securely.” Under even the most challenging conditions, the PMD-901V accomplishes this intelligently with stunning quality, in a completely unobtrusive manner.”Costa Lakoumentas, Senior VP at Marantz Professional.




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