Top Tips for Effective Dictation

Read our Top Tips for effective dictation. Optimise your recordings for maximum accuracy with speech recognition and manual transcription. Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit available at

Taking a methodical approach to your recordings will more often than not improve the quality and accuracy of your transcription and even reduce turnaround with regards to administration and document creation. Here is a short guide that we have put together to help you get started – there might even be a few tips here for the seasoned dictation pros out there…


1. Get to know your equipment

If you havn’t already; take some time to get to grips with your new device and software. Learn how to operate the device effectively and how to carry out some of the more advanced record/edit functions. You should also pay attention to the distance between your mouth and the microphone – you should be able to find information about these specifics when you refer to your decide user manual. The more effectively you use your device, the easier it will be for your typist or Speech Recognition software to produce an accurate and structured transcription.


2. Find an optimal environment for recording

If possible, it is usually best to find yourself a quiet, comfortable area to start creating your voice notes. Try to minimalise background noise to ensure that your recordings are clear and audible. In some cases, it is not possible to eradicate background noise completely, especially for those who work in busy, noisy environments. In this case you should consider a device that can effectively reduce or cancel out background noise.


3. Plan ahead

In many cases, dictation is a lot easier when you have a clear, thought out plan to what you intend to record. If neccessary, write down some key points & information to refer to. This is especially impoirtant if you are composing a document to be transcribed later by your typist or your Speech Recognition software.


4. Clear and confident speech

Try to speak as naturally and clearly as possible. Make sure that you announciate each word correctly and don’t trail off between or at the end of sentences. Keeping a consistent flow to your dictations and a degree of clarity to your voice means that your transcriptionist or your Speech Recognition software has an easier job when it comes to creating your text document.


5. Use continuous phrases

Adding to the previous point; speaking in continous phrases provides context to speech recognition software products like Nuance Dragon. Speech Recognition software uses these contextual clues so as to determine the correct grammar, or the differece between a “:” and a “colon” for example.


6. Spell out technical/difficult terms

If you are using a transcriptionist instead of Speech Recognition software, it will often prove extremely helpful to spell out any technical terms to avoid errors during transcription. Speech Recognition packages like Nuance Dragon Medical or the Nuance Medincle plugin are tailor made to support industry-specific terminology out of the box.


7. Signing-off

Remember to sign off your recording clearly to avoid any confusion for yourself or your assistant when it comes to transcription. Simple announcing “end of dictation” let’s your transcriptionist know that there is no more audio to listen out for. 


This is just our basic guide to get you on the way to dictating like a pro. As with anything; practise makes perfect – so get to recording your voice and devloping your skills. Watch your productivity sky-rocket and enjoy the freedom of mobility and flexibility in your every-day work.

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