SpeechLive, Everybody is talking about it…

Blog on Philips SpeechLive Dictation Solution for Smartphone, iPhone and Android. Secure Mobile Dictation with Philips SpeechLive

You may have seen YouTube videos, Google Adverts or even spoken to colleagues about the latest solution to hit the Voice Technology market – SpeechLive. So, what’s it all about?

SpeechLive is the ONLY completely secure end-to-end cloud based dictation service which allows businesses and individuals to send dictation and receive completed documents.

Now that’s all very well but what does that ACTUALLY mean?

Well, it means that those of you who use dictation can utilise your mobile phone or existing voice recorder to share your dictation with your admin team from anywhere in the world. With SpeechLive you can utilise the Philips Voice Recorder App on your iPhone or your Android Device (cue argument as to which is best) and send your voice notes/dictation directly to your administration team via the Microsoft Azure Servers (this provides high level encryption for security and GDPR compliance). Alternatively, you can utilise the SpeechLive in-house services which include the Speech Recognition service at 23p a minute or the Transcription Service a 99p a minute – great if you are unable to reach your admin/typist or they are out of the office. You can also upload your dictations directly through the SpeechLive portal which can be accessed online from any PC. Whats more, you can now plug a SpeechMike directly into your PC and take notes straight to the SpeechLive portal for your admin team to access. So basically SpeechLive offers you a multi-interface for dictation on the move. Whether you are looking to utilise your smartphone, your existing recorder or perhaps your desktop PC/laptop – SpeechLive is the only cloud based solution which allows you that flexibility.

So, what happens once my file is transcribed?

This is the question most people ask us. It is all very well sending a secure audio file to be transcribed (either typed or converted to text using Dragon) but how does that file get back to you?

Well, you could email it right?

If it’s confidential information, patient data or you have any concern regarding GDPR then the answer to that is NO.

You are probably already well aware of the dangers in sending sensitive information via email, if not you can read advice from the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) on the risk and consequences of emailing confidential information.

SpeechLive has a unique solution to this hurdle – once a transcription is completed by the typist, the completed document is automatically attached to the audio file within the SpeechLive service. This document is then accessible to the Author via their Smartphone or download from the SpeechLive portal. The document is available only to the Author who created the audio file, thus maintaining high level security within the encrypted Microsoft Azure Server. If using Speech Recognition, the converted document is again automatically attached to the audio file once completed. You can also select your completed documents to be automatically emailed to you as an attachment – however, that again opens up some controversy around the security of that document. Therefore, we would always recommend viewing and downloading your documents via the SpeechLive service to maintain high level data protection and to meet GDPR requirements.

Screenshot_20180927-142632_Recorder        Screenshot_20180927-142610_Recorder      Screenshot_20180927-142621_Word








Above are three screenshots of the Philips Voice Recorder App to illustrate the process of viewing completed dictation on the mobile device.

So, that is the basic principle of SpeechLive and how it has given to users a solution that no other service has been able to provide as yet. There are a lot more features regarding the Voice Recorder App, the workflow options, additional bolt-ons (Speech Recognition) and much more which comes with SpeechLive. However, these can all be included or modified in order to meet your personal or business requirements. For the most part, SpeechLive is the secure sharing of voice/dictation and completed documents between both Author and Typist and for this purpose it is, in our opinion, the best solution on the market.

For more information regarding the Philips SpeechLive service and how you can utilise the cloud based dictation for you or your business, simply visit our dedicated SpeechLive website here.

Also, you may wish to download our most recent buyers guide here. This will provide you with the most up-to-date information on the latest dictation solutions to that are available in the UK.

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