Speech Recognition for Lawyers: Medincle+ Legal with Dragon Professional Individual v15

Medincle Plus Legal for use with Dragon Professional Individual v15, 15.3. Turn Dragon Professional Individual into Dragon Legal with the Medincle+ Legal Speech Recognition Plugin

We are extremely excited to introduce the first independent Speech Recognition solution, available in the UK, that caters to the legal profession; Medincle+ Legal allows users to combine Dragon Professional Individual v15 with an extensive vocabulary of British legal terminology. Not only is the alternative solution, Dragon Legal, a much more costly package but is also unavailable to purchase in the UK.

For anybody who is already familiar with the Medincle range – Medincle+ Legal works in very much the same way as the Medincle+ Medical package – only with alternative vocabulary. The Medincle spellchecker software combines with Dragon Professional Individual to produce a powerful yet cost-effective alternative to high-end software (much like Dragon Medical or Dragon Legal). Watch this short explainer video below to learn more.



So maybe you are looking to reduce the amount of typing you do, or need a piece of software to support you in your profession when it comes to the use of advanced terminology in your day-to-day efforts. Medincle+Legal is the ideal solution for Lawyers, Law Students and anyone in the Legal industry looking to reduce their document turnaround times with impressive accuracy, or to simply enhance their study of the legal industry with a software package that offers support in all of your advanced terminology.



Medincle+ Legal Key Features

  • Full legal vocabulary for use with Dragon Professional Individual v15.
  • Full UK Legal Vocabulary (Not just US like other packages).
  • Bolts on to your existing word processor with no additional buttons or windows to distract.
  • Simple and fast download via email link.
  • Affordable British Legal Spellchecker.





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