Using SpeechLive with your Smartphone? Here’s How You can Stay Charged for Longer…

Smartphones are useful tools; with an app for just about anything these days, its no wonder why we are spending more time than ever seemingly glued to our screens. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; in many ways your iPhone or Android can provide you with applications to help you work smarter, more efficiently and more flexibly…

You should all know by now that we have two strong favourites that fall into this category; the Philips Voice Recorder App coupled with the SpeechLive Cloud Service and the Olympus Dictation App with an Olympus Dictation Delivery Service Subscription. Both services allow users to record, edit and send voice recordings from anywhere for transcription via a number of secure options – providing a great mobile dictation solution to professionals who need to get work done on-the-go throughout the day.

The problem here is; we end up using our smartphones a lot more than we usually would. It is inconvenient and often counter productive when you find yourself having to reach for the nearest phone charger at regular intervals throughout the day due to the heavy, all-beit productive use that your phone is now getting. Here is our simple solution for iPhone usersRechargeable Powerbank Case 1

The Speak-IT Rechargeable PowerBank Case fits your phone’s housing snugly, providing protection from accidental damage as well as greatly prolonged battery life. No wires or cables involved – just a sleek, stylish and ergonomic design to keep you working in comfort throughout the day without worrying about the next time you can connect your device to a charger

The crisp, clear LED Battery Indicator means that you can easily keep an eye on your power status, whilst the rear stand allows for hands-free use making it ideal for video calls, dictation and watching movies.

Now you can really get the most out of your phone and your productivity-boosting apps. Get the Speak-IT Rechargeable PowerBank iPhone Case today and make your smartphone work for you, for much longer.




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