Premium Speech Recognition Bundles for Legal Professionals

Are you finding that sometimes your Legal jargon and advanced industry-specific terminology gets lost in translation when using Speech Recognition? We have the ideal solution for Legal Professionals and Transcriptionists alike who need a reliable tool that accommodates the use of Legal vocabulary in the users’ speech-to-text workflow…

Medincle+ Legal combines seamlessly with Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v15 to give users the ability to utilise a full range of British Legal vocabulary – making your Dictation/Transcription workflow more accurate and efficient than ever before. If you already have a dictation workflow in place, it could very well be worth looking into a Speech Recognition package to reduce your assistants workload and speed up document turnaround time.

For those of you looking for a standalone dictation solution thats tailor-made for use by law professionals; take a look at our Premium Legal Speech Recognition Bundles. If you want to learn more about Speech Recognition and how Dragon works and adapts to your voice to triple productivity, why not take an online demonstration from one of our Specialists and see Dragon in action from your own PC.




Speak-IT are Nuance approved partners and Dragon Speech Recognition Specialists. Always look for the Nuance Approved Partner Badge; as an approved partner, we offer both product advice and support on the full range of Dragon Products including Dragon Pro Individual and Group as well as Dragon Medical. We have a number of support and training packages available for those who are looking to get the most out of Dragon…

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