The Philips PSM6500 SpeechOne Wireless Headset for Speech Recognition

Philips SpeechOne Headset for Speech Recognition - Register now to be notified of release

Philips have long been at the forefront of the digital dictation industry; leading the way with speech-to-text solutions, equipment and software such as the revolutionary Philips SpeechAir Android Dictation Device and the SpeechLive Cloud Service, which have both respectively proved to be game changers when it comes to boosting productivity and workflow flexibility with Mobile Dictation and Voice Technology.

So, we are extremely excited with the announcement of the new Philips SpeechOne Wireless headset; designed for an efficient hands-free workflow for the most accurate results around with Speech Recognition. The SpeechOne is a stylish, ergonomically designed headset with wireless charging capabilities and an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort during extended periods of use.

Amongst other features, the Philips SpeechOne uses an anti microbial surface which makes it the ideal choice for hygienic use in medical environments, or in situations when the headset is shared by a number of users.

Philips have announced that they will be holding a webinar to showcase the SpeechOne, offering an insight into how the wireless headset can be used alongside Speech Recognition and third-party software; with real use case scenarios demonstrating how this fantastic piece of equipment can be integrated into an existing workflow.

You can also register for the Philips SpeechOne Webinar Here.





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