Watch Dragon automatically transcribe your own voice recordings from your own PC: Here’s how…

Dragon Professional Individual v.15.3, Watch Dragon Speech Recognition Transcribe your own recordings from anywhere

Speech Recognition software, like Nuance Dragon, enables users to receive instant, automatic transcriptions of their voice recordings. This “back-end” application of Dragon Speech Recognition software is now so intuitive that transcriptions are 99% accurate out of the box; all you need to do is proofread the document and perhaps make minor adaptions (if necessary).

So, here’s the deal: for any of you already using voice recorders or dictation devices to make voice notes can now send them to us and we will run your dictations through Dragon so you can see for yourself just how intuitive, accurate and efficient this software is today.


How it works:

  1. Use your device and start dictating, as you would normally. Make sure you include the correct commands such as “full stop“, “comma“, “new line“, “new paragraph” etc. during recordings at the appropriate places to ensure the transcription is formatted in the correct way. If your device has a Speech Recognition or “Dragon” mode then it would be a good idea to have this enabled, however this is not essential to get an accurate transcription with Nuance Dragon.
  2. Once you are happy with your recording, simply email the file over to us. Send your DSS, DS2 (DSS Pro), Mp3, Wav file via email. It’s probably a good idea not to include any personal, sensitive or otherwise important information in the recording as this is only a test.
  3. Once we have received your file we will arrange a time at your convenience for you to watch your dictations transcribed in real-time. Don’t worry – you won’t have to go anywhere as we use a screen sharing application so you can watch Dragon in action from your own PC screen.
  4. Finally, just sit back and watch how quickly you can receive incredibly accurate automatic transcriptions when using Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software.




Don’t have a recorder handy?

Don’t worry; we still offer online demonstrations of Dragon. We can show you how Dragon works in both “front-end” (direct to PC) and “back-end” Speech Recognition environments.

Do you work in Law or Medicine/Healthcare?

Let us know! We have a range of Dragon packages that are tailored to the Legal and Medical professions. The included, industry specific vocabulary makes for even more accurate transcriptions due to the software accommodating the use of advanced terminology that is rarely recognised by most standard word processing applications.


Speak-IT are Nuance Approved Partners and Dictation & Speech Recognition Specialists. Along with identifying the perfect Speech Recognition package to suit your needs, we offer training and support on all of our solutions – getting started couldn’t be easier!

Speak-IT Solutions are Nuance Approved Partners 2018 - Visit for Dragon Speech Recognition Products

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