Philips SpeechOne: Outstanding Speech Recognition Performance, Uncontested Ease-of-use…

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Headset for accurate Speech Recognition and Hands Free Dictation Lawyer

With support for the new SpeechLive web recorder function, smart backwards compatibility, Remote Control operation and more; the SpeechOne promises a lot more features and functionality than any other headset currently on the market.

“We have developed the first and only professional dictation headset specifically designed for speech recognition and dictation needs. Philips SpeechOne is the first professional dictation headset which offers outstanding speech recognition performance, uncontested ease of use, wearing comfort and hygienic working. It is the perfect companion for doctors, lawyers and business professionals, who are looking to save time by speaking instead of typing, thus freeing up their hands. The wireless headset increases your freedom and mobility. It frees up your hands so you can stand up from your desk and comfortably move around your office or look through documents whilst dictating” – Dr Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions

With patented lossless audio transmission technology, users can be assured of sound quality and therefore Speech Recognition Accuracy, far superior to many other wireless headsets that operate on Bluetooth or DECT technology. The added functionality of the SpeechOne remote control allows users to navigate within applications while recording. The SpeechOne is supplied with interchangeable ear pads for hygienic use when shared by other users, along with anti microbial surfacing making it the ideal tool for tackling administrative duties within medical environments and offices alike. Further features include Skype support for hands-free calling (the SpeechOne Docking Station allows you to accept or decline calls at the push of a button) and a mountable status light that can be attached to surfaces such as your desk or your monitor to let your colleagues know if you are busy or available. 

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