WATCH: Philips SpeechOne – Key Features

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Headset for accurate Speech Recognition and Hands Free Dictation Lawyer

There is much more than appearances suggest when it comes to the Philips SpeechOne Wireless Headset. Designed for use with Speech Recognition, this game-changing piece of equipment operates with Philips’ patented Lossless Audio Transmission Technology in order to achieve the highest quality of audio possible, superior to Bluetooth and DECT technologies. In turn, this provides unprecedented accuracy with Speech Recognition software like Nuance Dragon Medical, Dragon Legal or Dragon Professional Individual.

Surely,  as a headset for Speech Recognition that would be enough to satisfy users. However, Philips have also included a whole host of other professional, intuitive features to ensure that you work with high levels of flexibility no matter the task. If you wish to learn more here about why we are so excited about this innovative new device, click here



With hygienic anti microbial surfacing, optional remote control for navigation and full support for Skype calling; the Philips SpeechOne looks certain to be the choice of professionals in hospitals and offices alike looking to harness the power of speech.


The Philips SpeechOne is now available at Learn more about this device and feel free to get in touch with one of our Philips Certified Dictation & Speech Recognition Specialists should you need any advice or assistance.

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