Our Top Pick: Philips DPM6000

The Philips DPM6000 is Speak-IT's Top Pick this week, as an entry level device it goes above and beyond the accessible price tag to provide some intuitive, professional dictation functionality whilst being easy to use.

The Philips DPM6000 has been a firm favourite of ours and our customers for entry-level digital dictation with outstanding, professional functionality. Two microphones deliver superior audio quality in order for you to then receive the most accurate transcriptions possible, whether you are using Nuance Dragon for speech recognition, a transcription service or your personal assistant.



The Philips DPM6000 PocketMemo offers professional file/edit capabilities through easy to use push button controls, presenting dictation users with a flexible, entry-level device that can be operated single-handedly. With a stainless steel casing, the DPM6000 is robust yet ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

There’s some more good news for anyone looking to make the switch to digital dictation, or even looking for an ideal device to start using their speech to create documents: up until the 31st December 2018, if you purchase a Philips DPM6000 you will be eligible to receive a docking station free-of-charge, providing you with instant file transfer and fast charging.


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