3 Ways to make Voice Technology Work for You in 2019

innovative ways to implement voice technology into your workplace for 2019 with cloud based dictation and speech recognition services

Welcome to 2019! The new year is officially here and like many of us, you are probably looking for ways in which to get the working year off to a positive and productive start. Whether you are looking to add an element of mobility to your work, need to speed up documentation turnaround times or just want to free up your hands whilst at the desk; new and innovative ways to implement Voice Technology doesn’t just stop at your new Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub – here are a few ideas worth looking at to get the ball rolling.


1. Gain a free pair of hands 

Do you ever find that you are constantly flicking between dates in your diary or pages in your reports and travelling back across your desk to your keyboard to type up the corresponding information into the document you are working on? Here is a solution you may find very useful indeed.

Speech Recognition headsets, such as the Philips SpeechOne, allow users to dictate directly into their PC when used alongside software packages like Nuance Dragon. This allows for complete hands-free control over your PC without having to touch the keyboard! The SpeechOne provides the highest levels of accuracy via Lossless Audio Transmission Technology and grants users freedom of mobility in the sense that you can move around your office freely and flick through your documents whilst dictating your work. The inclusion of the SpeechOne’s remote control allows for quick and easy navigation within your applications, with programmable hotkeys for a fully customisable workspace.


2. Create documents 3x faster

Whether you are tired of typing or simply looking for a way in which you can get your work done quicker, Voice Technology has the answer. Professional Speech Recognition software packages like Nuance Dragon allow you to turn speech into text almost instantly with up to 99% accuracy out-of-the-box.

With talking being a much more natural and quicker process than typing manually, you can speed up documentation turnaround times with a quick and easy installation. Dragon offers incredible usability, allowing you to compose emails, search the web, create documents and even edit your work using only the power of your voice and intuitive built-in commands. Want to see how Dragon can work for you? Get a free online demo here and watch from your own computer screen.


3. Go mobile

The future of Voice Technology is in “the cloud”. Services like Philips SpeechLive offer complete mobility for those looking to dictate on-the-go. This revolutionary cloud service has been championed by professionals across the board including building surveyors, estate agents, lawyers and doctors, who now more than ever require an element of mobility to stay competitive in their respective fields.

SpeechLive enables users to use either their own smartphone, or a dedicated android-powered device like the Philips SpeechAir, to record their dictations and have them sent from anywhere for a variety of transcription methods. SpeechLive users don’t have to return to the office to manually deliver their voice recordings to their assistant or typist as all files are sent securely via the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere via the browser-based web application – no installation required! The new version of SpeechLive also offers integration to Zapier, so you can now set up “Zaps” to further customise your workflow, which you can learn more about here.

Want to try out SpeechLive? Get started today with a free 30 day trial.


Want to learn more about the ways in which innovative Voice Technology solutions can save you and your business both time and money this year? Get Started here…


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