Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere: The Best Speech Recognition Solution Yet for Law Firms & Businesses

dragon professional anywhere, the very best Speech Recognition Cloud Solution for Businesses and Law Firms. Free Trial Today from Speak-IT Solutions

Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition software has stood apart from the crowd as the world’s most powerful and reliable solution for front-end speech-to-text, providing intuitive documentation for industries across the board. However, the software itself often comes with a slight drawback for anybody using a poor spec computer in the sense that, due to Dragon’s incredible functionality, accuracy and Nuance Deep Learning Technology, it often requires a lot of space on the CPU.

So is there a way around it..?

The answer is yes. We are extremely excited to hear about the new product (available to trial now) Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere. Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) allows users to utilise the same fantastic front-end speech recognition featured in Dragon Professional – without having to install it locally on their own PC!

So what does this mean for the end user? Basically, this means that you are no longer bound by the restrictions of your PC as Dragon will run from a top-level secured server so you can enjoy the world’s best Speech Recognition software without the hefty install and additional strain on your CPU. What’s more; Dragon Professional Anywhere supports virtualised environments including Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware, Horizon View, RDSH Server or Microsoft Remote Desktop – so you can be assured that getting up and running is simple and hassle-free, with no support required from your IT department.

Our Voice Technicians have been given the unique opportunity to put this speech recognition solution to the test…

“Be free from the restrictions of your PC. No system requirements are necessary with Dragon Professional Anywhere and achieve the highest levels of accuracy. Extremely impressive – try it for yourselves!”

Dave Complin – Speech Recognition Specialist

Key Benefits of Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere

  • Fast, accurate and customisable: Like other Nuance Dragon Products, Dragon Professional Anywhere is astonishingly accurate out-of-the box with no prior voice training required. Your voice profile can be accessed ANYWHERE (from any of your machines) and it allows for custom vocabulary to be inserted.
  • No limits on productivity: There are no per-user limits – business professionals can stay productive at any time with the main focus on the business, not the technology.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: with Dragon Professional Anywhere there are no complex configurations. The simple, one-click installation and automatic updates means less hassle for your employees and IT staff alike. Get up and running in only minutes!
  • Nuance Deep Learning Technology: Nuance’s next-generation speech engine allows users to benefit from the highest levels of accuracy while dictating, even for open office work environments or users with strong accents.
  • High security: Clients connect to a server component that is installed using 256-bit encryption. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Central user administration: The Nuance Management Centre makes tracking Dragon usage amongst employees, redistributing licenses and sharing customizations (such as custom words/commands/auto texts) simple and intuitive.

Trial it today – Experience Dragon Professional Anywhere

Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere is now free for you to trial from Speak-IT Solutions. Want to see for yourself how powerful yet simple, intuitive & flexible this first-class front end Speech Recognition solution is? Want to make sure it will work on your Windows PC (it will)? Need assurance that it can be quickly and easily implemented into your existing IT infrastructure? Take a trial.

Click here to sign up for your no-risk free trial of Dragon Professional Anywhere. (up to 30 days free available). 


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