Speech Recognition in Law Enforcement

Yet another fantastic article from Speech Blog detailing some of the many ways that law enforcement professionals can benefit from modern voice technology. As well as being able to turnaround paperwork quickly in order to focus on key competencies, people such as police officers and detectives can accurately take down notes at the scene or in the car. Alongside increasing efficiency and documentation accuracy, implementing voice technology in the law enforcement sector can also reduce costs… Read on for more.

Speech Blog

The job description for a police officer in the eyes of society has always been to protect and serve individuals, families, and property-business owners. What a vast majority of society is unaware of is the fact that police officers spend a great deal of time doing everything but that. Officers spend two thirds of their time organizing documentation for court cases, filling out paper work, and providing testimony in court. An officer‘s ability to put together and gather effective documentation can determine a cases success. Therefore, productivity and efficiency is paramount to law enforcement officers. Being able to start a report by recording incident notes when they are still fresh in mind has proven to improve efficiency as well as report accuracy.

Voice technology can be useful to law enforcement agencies in many ways:

Managing Paperwork

Law enforcement often involves filling out considerable amounts of paperwork. This can be a…

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