Speak-IT Solutions Invite you to Visit BodyCamera.co.uk

Speak-IT Solutions are excited to announce the launch of our new website, BodyCamera.co.uk. As experts in audio-visual technology, the specialist team at Speak-IT has expanded into the body-worn camera industry to meet with growing demand.

Body cameras provide frontline workers with an invaluable tool for collecting reliable footage whenever required. Where fixed CCTV cameras may fail; body-worn cameras provide users with a clear, up close and mobile solution for recording events and incidents as they unfold.

Along with providing irrefutable evidence, body cameras have proven to deter violent, abusive and antisocial behavior. Advertising the use of body cameras can often prompt individuals to modify their behavior, helping to cool down volatile situations. Many new body camera models feature a front-facing display so the subject in question can clearly see that they are being recorded.

Partnered with two-way radio and body-worn camera pioneers, Hytera, Speak-IT Solutions not only supply cutting-edge body-worn recording equipment and secure management software but also provide industry-leading advice and support when it comes to implementing a body camera solution.

If you are looking to protect your frontline workers, capture reliable evidence and ensure that your company’s policies are adhered to – get in touch today on 0121 456 7800 to learn how a body camera solution can benefit your workplace.

Want to learn more about our solutions? Click here to visit BodyCamera.co.uk!

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