The Hytera VM780 Body Camera is the Most Feature Rich Device Currently Available

The Hytera Body Camera portfolio is growing: The new top of the range VM780 body Camera combines Bodycam and PoC radio in a single device, enabling real-time data and video streaming over 3G/4G/WiFi. The VM780 is so feature-rich, there’s no wonder why our customers and industry experts alike are calling it ‘the best bodycam yet’.

The VM780 from Hytera uses an Android operating system. This allows the user to seamlessly operate the device via the large touchscreen; making for clear and intuitive use.

The 216-degree HD swivel camera provides an optimal angle of viewing and presents the user with multiple mounting options. The screen can face forwards towards the subject, letting the subject know that video recording is taking place. This has proven to more often than not help diffuse volatile situations. The lens can be rotated backwards, in case the presence of a body camera makes members of the public feel uncomfortable, to offer assurance that recording is not currently taking place.

Another advantage of the Hytera VM780‘s rotatable lens is that it can be worn by users of all builds and heights. By rotating the lens upwards or downwards, the user can make sure to frame images perfectly and capture events and faces with ease.

The VM780 is rugged, durable and can be secured via the Hytera Body-Worn Camera SmartMDM Software Solution. Users are able to set role-based permissions to restrict access to various device operations and the captured footage. This offers a comprehensive for small, medium and large teams who are looking to implement an intuitive bodycam system.

The VM780 really comes into its own when connected to a cellular (3G/4G) network. The VM780 acts as a PoC terminal, allowing for seamless communication with other devices. Using the forthcoming HyTalk platform, VM780 users can utilise this body camera to instant message team members and maintain video communications over a network.

If you are interested in the Hytera VM780 Body Camera, feel free to call on 0121 456 7800 to speak to a Hytera product specialist. Visit for more information on our entire range of secure, GDPR compliant body-worn video solutions.

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