SpeechLive Guide: Connect SpeechLive to SpeechExec Software

1. Open the appropriate version of SpeechExec on your PC.
2. In SpeechExec, click the icon at the top of the screen (shown below) which will say ‘Start SpeechLive’.
3. This will open the SpeechLive configuration wizard. Enter your email address and password that you have set as your Speechlive login.
4. When asked to ‘Use Transcription Services’ select the option ‘No, I prefer to use the typists of my SpeechLive account’.
5. When asked to ‘Use SpeechLive Speech Recognition Service’, select the option ‘No, I prefer to use the typists on my SpeechLive account’ and then click ‘Finish’.
6. On the left hand side of the screen in SpeechExec, the software should now show you both the local folders and the SpeechLive folders. You can now hide the local folders if they are no longer required. Simply right click on the name of the folders you with to hide and select ‘Hide’.
7. Once you have successfully connected your SpeechExec software to SpeechLive, you should start to see files appearing automatically within the worklist. To check for any new dictations, simply click the ‘Refresh’ icon in the top menu.
Try SpeechLive for yourself today – call on 0121 456 7800 or click here to take a free trial!

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