Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation

Gone are the days when tape-based dictation machines were used to record your memos, meetings and off-the-cuff ideas. With the introduction of Digital Dictation, the possibilities for increasing productivity and workflow efficiency are simply endless; Digital Dictation provides users with substantially more storage space, quicker and easier flexible editing options along with the ability to store a recorded sound file in a variety of formats that can then be processed in any way the author desires.


Who Uses Digital Dictation?

Digital Dictation is now widely used by professionals, writers, bloggers, musicians and pretty much anyone who values the importance of making clear and accurate records of important information, ideas and creative thoughts. The possibilities are seemingly endless and we have a comprehensive selection of digital dictation products so you can be sure that we have the perfect solution for you.


Why Should I Go Digital?

There are too many benefits to mention that come along with using digital dictation as part of your workflow or even as part of your day-to-day life, and the applications are only limited to what you can imagine.

The main reasons everyone is going digital:

  • Ease of use with intelligent interfaces and no need to replace tapes.
  • Convenience of greatly increased storage, in an instantly usable format (Wav and Mp3 Files).
  • Brilliant, crisp audio and easy audio editing.
  • Quickly and easily upload recordings to a PC for transcription.
  • Opportunity to upscale and experience the benefits of combining your digital solution with Speech Recognition Technology and Mobile Dictation.



Speak-IT Solutions have the digital dictation solution for you. weather you are just starting out in the world of dictation or desire a fully mobile advanced dictation solution, we have the experience and expertise to recommend the perfect product for you. Get in touch with one of our Voice Technicians for a consultation today.