Speech Recognition


What is Speech Recognition Technology?

Speech Recognition Technology allows you to…


  • Create documents and emails by speaking
  • Control your computer using voice commands
  • Capture your thoughts and ideas quickly

Who uses Speech Recognition Technology?

One of the most notable professional applications for our speech recognition products is the implementation of Nuance Dragon Medical for the creation of documents like electronic patient records (EPR) throughout the NHS and wider healthcare industries. However the flexibility and control that speech recognition technology allows the user means that it can be applied pretty much anywhere in a wide range of situations.


  • Healthcare Documentation
  • As part of the dictation/documentation workflow for businesses and organisations, e.g. Law, Survey, Education and Research sectors.
  • To bridge the gap and level the playing field for people of all abilities, and to provide a powerful solution to allow users to independently carry out computer based tasks unaided.


Why should I start using the power of Speech?

There are many benefits behind being able to use your voice to control major aspects of your workflow and computer operations.


  • Speech is around 3x faster than typing, so can effectively triple your productivity.
  • Can significantly save on transcription costs.
  • Provides almost unlimited flexibility for all users along with complete accessibility for those with cognitive or physical impairments.


Speak to our trained Voice Technicians now to learn more about our Speech Recognition packages and see for yourself how it can change the way you work today…