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SpeechLive Guide: Add New Users to SpeechLive

1. Go to www.SpeechLive.com and log in to your administrator account. Click on the ‘Workflow’ tab. 2. Click on the icon (shown below) to add a new user. 3. Enter the user’s email address and name into the fields shown below. Select which role the user falls into (‘Author’ or ‘Transcriptionist’) then click ‘Add and invite’. This will add the user to your

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Getting Started with SpeechLive: The SpeechLive Quick Start Guide

SpeechLive allows authors and typists to work remotely, facilitating the secure sending, receiving and transcription of dictations voice recordings. Authors can use a dedicated dictation device or an intuitive smartphone app to create, edit and send recordings to a typist from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, SpeechLive is packed with additional features that make working remotely and in the office

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SpeechLive Guide: Log in Online to Transcribe Dictations

1. Using Google Chrome or Firefox, go to www.SpeechLive.com and log in with your email address and password. 2. Once you are logged in you will be able to see a list of dictations that have been sent to you. Highlight the file you wish to transcribe and click on ‘Playback Dictation’ and then ‘Open in Player’. This will allow you to

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SpeechLive Guide: Manually Upload a Recording from a Digital Voice Recorder

SpeechLive allows users to use either a smartphone app or a dedicated dictation device/voice recorder to securely send dictations to a typist via cloud-based servers. Our very own Voice Technician, Sean, has put together a short video demonstrating how simple it is to manually upload a recording to SpeechLive from a digital voice recorder. Want to see how Philips SpeechLive

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SpeechLive Guide: Configuring the Philips Voice Recorder App for iOS & Android

1. Download the ‘Philips Voice Recorder App’ from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iPhone). 2. Open the app and follow the instructions (shown below) to log in to SpeechLive. 3. For users sending dictations to a typist, you will need to turn off the options for ‘Use Transcription Service’ and ‘Use Speech Recognition Service, making

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Philips SpeechLive Case Study: The Holly Private Hospital

The multi-award-winning Holly Private Hospital is one of the South East’s leading private healthcare providers, established for over 35 years. The team at The Holly have a wealth of experience in delivering exceptional healthcare, with the hospital having been awarded numerous accolades for their services throughout nearly four decades. Continuing to further improve upon their second-to-none patient care; The Holly

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Philips SpeechLive Case Study: Atkins Thomson

Philips SpeechLive Case Study with Atkins Thomson Award Winning Law Firm

Award-winning top 500 law firm Atkins Thomson delivers an array of legal services to their clients; with the firm’s expertise ranging from privacy, media, intellectual property and business law, through to conveyancing, family law, wills, lasting powers of attorney and probate. The firm has offices in London, Suffolk and associated office in Milan and represents a large number of high-profile

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